Fool proof activities to involve all the kids

Little girl using scissors to cut shapes from a red piece of paper. she is in a nursery class with other students.

When there are birthday parties in Dubai then people often forget about the importance of kids’ activities in them. They will either forget to have some activities for kids or they will have activities for a certain age group and all the kids will get bore and cranky. When you are going to plan a party or if you are going to organize a summer camp Dubai then you need to devise activities that fit to all the kids in the party and camp or you have to devise different type of activities to involve all the kids present there. There are some activities that kids of all ages will enjoy and some of them are as follows:

Box filling: This is a very simple activity that kids will enjoy a lot. They can play this individually or you can make their pairs to that. Make sure that you supervise all activities and give them hints when needed. In this activity you have to provide a box to kids and then there should be different items on the other hand or on the other side of the table. Kids should go there and grab a specific item from that corner and fill the box with that. You have to make some rules for every activity like they cannot grab more than one item at a time. You can also either give them a timer to finish the task or you can give them a number items to fill the box. Tell these rules before starting the activity.

Hollow box: This activity is just opposite to the one mentioned above. You can play this activity with the same items and boxes once the other one is finished but with the different kids so that all of them will be happy to take part in these activities. Kids have to take one time at a time from the box and put it to the basket on the other corner of the table or put the basket at some distance to make them run a bit. You can make them more interesting by adding some twist in these like they have to grab the items with their mouth instead of hands. You can make different variations in these activities to keep them involved.