5 Museums in Dubai You Need to Visit Now!

Gone are the days of conventional museums! In the past people used to run away from the name of museum because mostly they find it boring to see ancient things but yes those who had the taste for it, used to go there often.

Well, museums have become the most notable place in Dubai; you won’t find the conventional boring museums in Dubai. If you will visit once then for sure you will be willing to visit the museum again.

Here you will find about the best museums of Dubai which are must seeing

The Dubai Museum

This museum is located in the ancient building of Dubai, known as Al Fahidy fortress. Due to its architecture, it is one of the famous museums in Dubai. Visitors from different countries make their way towards it. This museum gives you the perfect glance of traditional crafts and the history of Islamic schools. Those who love to explore different cultures should pay a visit to it.

The Coffee Museum

Sounds so uncanny right? Well if you are coffee addict then you can’t simply miss it! It is a beautiful museum which gives you the demonstration of different tools which people used to make coffee moreover you will get to know the history of coffee here. And off-course there is no to get surprised of if, I say that you can surely e joy the best coffee in the café of The Coffee Museum.

The Camels’ House

It’s a perfect place to go if you want to explore more about camels. This museum is dedicated to the history of camels and what role did the camels played in Arab’s life, you will get to know each and everything about the camels and the museum staff will provide you with the valuable information related to camels.

The museum of Traditional Architecture

If you love to know above the architectural history of Dubai then it’s undeniable to visit here! It will give you the information about tools which Arabs used to use while making houses. It’s a perfect place to know about the architecture of Dubai.

The Heritage Village

Even the name speaks for it! This museum will give you the perfect vision of heritage of Arabs. You will see the beautiful pottery, weavers and things like that. In this museum you will get to know about the tent village which tells you the tale of Bedouin life. Heritage museum is an eye-candy for many tourists who visit here.